Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Tea Party Ladies

What a beautiful day it was today for a Tea Party.
Back a few Christmases ago my best friend gave me this wonderful book written by Debbie Macomber called "Knit Together", Discover God's Plan for your Life. Debbie writes in this book about all the things that she feels how God works through us to further His Plan. In one of her chapters she mentions about having a "Gratitude Tea Party". At this Tea Party she expresses her Gratitude to the people that are there, for helping her at different times in her life. She mentions what better way of saying Thanks then to have a Tea Party.

In this last year besides getting married, my life has gone through some very major changes and  hard times and there were some ladies and their families that helped me through them . I wanted to say Thank you to them without being overly flamboyant or demonstrative. What better way then a Tea Party. So today was the day for a Tea Party and I truly believe that God was shining on our Party today. The Sun was shining, my baking all got done on time, the ladies came and the tea was perfect.
There was no real formal agenda to this Tea Party it was only to be a Social Get together. But what transformed out of this gathering is truly a God directed Plan.

We played a couple of games that were rather different then the normal games. They were based on your knowledge of "Tussie Mussies", a Victorian item. One game was a True or False and the other was a Match Game, Flower name to the meaning of the Flower Name. From there we starting chatting about the possibility of getting together like a club. Possibly once every couple of months. As the conversation progressed we started talking about ways to help our Community through some charitable funding ideas. What a great group of ladies and brainstorming ideas from them. We closed our gathering with a Prayer requesting God's Blessing and direction in our endeavors

As our Tea Party Ladies grow and our ideas start to take formation I will Blog about them and keep you all informed.

Until we Blog again,
Linda and Roscoe

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