Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Becoming Organized

Do you remember at the beginning of this year I said something about "trying" to get more organized this year? Well yesterday, Sunday, I thought that I would take a shot at my Spare Bedroom. I used the term "Spare Bedroom" very loosely, as it was becoming extremely difficult to even see the Spare Bed in that room. So it was time to do something about it. It was suppose to be just a "Start" on the room not a "keep going until you are done" process. But it is so interesting how when you start something and you begin to see progress, how your desire to continue keeps increasing. I thought well I will only work on this for about an hour or so and then continue tomorrow. I stuck with it until Supper Time.

I will not say that it is perfect because it isn't but I know what kind of quilting fabrics I have and colours. I often read how we all wish that we had taken "before" and "after" pictures, yes now I can say that I wish that I had to. One of the greatest things about getting this job almost completed is that along the way I also put unfinished projects in line. The most completed to hardly started.
Another step in becoming more organized. My plan is to finish the projects that are almost finished so I can get them posted on my Etsy Sites.
I am no different then any of the rest of the world of Crafters, we like to collect fabrics and yarns. The more the merrier.

  For God is not a God of disorder
but of peace.
I Corinthians 14:33a

But everything should be done
in a fitting and orderly way.
I Corinthians 14:40

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy Weather

Wow what a crazy winter we are having. On Friday just past we had, what I would consider blizzard like weather. We had white outs, high winds and accumulation of snow. It somewhat continued but not quite so bad on Saturday and then Sunshine to go with Sunday. So what happened to today. We are back to grey, yucky, rainy damp weather. So as far as I am concerned somebody had better knock on Ms. Mother Nature's Door and ask her "Hey What's Up?". In December some of my plants in my gardens were starting stick their little heads up out of the dirt. They thought it was Spring.

So bearing all of that in mind I have started to work on some sweet little items for Wee Beginnings and creating some fun things for Cranberry Cottage. For Wee Beginnings there will be some new bonnets, smocked as well as just some fun Sun Hats. There will be some that will co'ordinate with some of the little outfits that are coming along as well. So much to look forward to. And for Cranberry Cottage I am attempting some fun things like Tea Cosies, Scented Sachets and maybe even some Table Toppers. Stay tuned to see what I  come up with for that new little angel in your home or for that corner of your house that just needs a little something to spice it up.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday, Oh how some of us dread those Monday mornings. The first day of the week and back to work or school whichever the case may be. For some who are stay-at-home Moms or "Grandmas" we love Mondays. There are some of us who remember that Monday is usually wash day. I can remember, when I was much younger, my Mom having her own personal contest, as to which neighbour could get their laundry out on the line the earliest on Mondays. And it was usually quite a contest between the lady who lived the next street over and my Mom. But like I said earlier, this was my Mom's personal contest, you see the neighbors never knew about the "Contest".
Dad was always into the shop earlier on Mondays as well because he would have to plan out the week's work schedule. Trying to make sure that everything stayed in sequence as to reception of orders. My Mom would get my sister and I off to School and then she would take her desired position at the office desk of their business.

Mondays have become the new start of the week for me. This is the time that I usually decide that I am turning over a "New Leaf". Sort of like a New Year's Eve without the Party. I predetermine on the weekend that this next week I am going to get more accomplished then I did last week. This year I have been working on trying to be a little bit more organized. Cannot really tell you how that is going, as I am not sure yet.

And another thing that is great about Mondays is "Brag Mondays" that you can check out over at Graphics Fairy.
All of the Graphics in this particular Blog were found over at Graphics Fairy.

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Monday, January 9, 2012


Oh what a beautiful morning it is this morning. The sun is shining on a day that in years past it would have been snowing with a fury. The temperature is close to freezing but not cold enough to allow any snow, if it fell, to stay on the ground. What a gorgeous way to start the second week of a new year.
For those of you that follow Etsy Cottage Style you will know that today is Market Monday. Market Monday is the day that starts the week full of inspirational ideas from a group of handcrafters. You should also check out something new over there called "What's cooking in the Kitchen?" For those of us and seemly some of the younger generation this will definitely be a wonderful place to visit. You will find Vintage Recipes, Vintage Cookbooks and pictures of Kitchens from another time. What more could you ask for? So grab yourself a cup of java, cocoa or tea and take a gander at what awaits your visit