Tuesday, February 7, 2012

For Amie and Jennifer

Sometimes, as we become older, and the grandchildren come along, our life course tends to change directions. We become a little more focused towards the little ones in our lives and less focused on the parents of these little ones. Because our children have become parents themselves it seems we tend to think that they don't need us so much unless it is for babysitting and who could resist that. Our time to do with little angels in training that we couldn't and didn't dare do with our own babies. But sometimes I wonder as my grandchildren are growing if maybe God actually put Grandparents on this earth to help Parents with the teaching of children.

When I owned my store I would have guests come into the shop and ask about signs that would not always be "Positive" or "Inspiring" to one thing or another. I would tell the guest that I was sorry but I didn't carry such signs as I always wanted to be "Encouraging" People to do their best in all that they do and that I felt those kinds of signs were discouraging to the people that they were making fun of.  Now having said that I wonder how often we say things in jest not realizing that maybe we are doing the same thing but verbally. Like the phrase "I can spoil them because I can always send them home with their Parents". When you think back when your babies would go visit your parents and they would all come home wanting everything and couldn't understand why they couldn't have everything they asked for, didn't you wish that just once, that phrase "Why couldn't they (your parents) listen to you and not give them all that sugar just before sending them home." would have been heard by your parents.

 As I listen to my girls talking to me about their child raising questions I hope that I am able to direct them in the direction that God would have them go. I also remember that the tongue is the smallest muscle in my body but it can wield the largest damage then anything else or be as inspiring as ever. God also gave me two ears and one mouth, may I always remember to listen before I speak and only speak with the wisdom that God has given me.

To My Girls Always Remember:

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