Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Do I see that is YELLOW????

This is my Roscoe, on our front doorstep, admiring all of our new Daffodils. Yesterday morning I was opening the blinds of our living room window and overnight three or four beautiful Daffodils had opened up. Roscoe and I had to go outside to check them out. By the end of the day all of these Daffodils were open across the front of our house. So Roscoe and I decided to go out and check them out a little closer tonight. We took some pictures to share with all of you.

These are some of the closeups at the front step.

These are Soft Pink Geraniums. I have kept two of these plants for the last two winters. This year I decided that I was going to try and root some inside my home.

 In this egg carton I planted some Hollyhock seeds. This is the first seed to pop through the soil. I hope I can plant some of these along the fence at the one side of our yard.
I also planted some Pink Pampas Grass in the egg carton. And I have some of them coming up as well but the pictures that I took didn't show them to well. There is about six or eight of them coming up as well .

My next door neighbor has two beautiful Magnolias in her yard coming up in full bloom. One of them is a beautiful white and the other is a soft pink.
I always think that when the Forsythia comes into bloom Spring has officially arrived. The Forsythia is in bloom along the fence as well. So Spring has officially arrived in Fort Erie, Ontario.
I hope Spring has arrived as nicely in your neck of the woods as it has in my neighborhood and that you are enjoying it.

Until we Blog Again,
Roscoe and Linda


  1. Hey Rosco your mom takes good picture...maybe you could take a picture of her some time....

    Linda love your daffodils

    I was wondering do you how to tell the difference between the Daffodil and the Narcissus?