Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Definition:  1. without any name acknowledged as that of author. 
2. whose name is withheld.
3. without individuality. 
Have you ever had something happen to you and wonder why or who? Today I had that experience happen to me. Let me take you back a couple of days.......

We had some absolutely beautiful weather happen to us here where we live. The temperature was almost summer like readings. Our gardens were beginning to look like Spring had arrived and I was starting to think about Summer time sewing. I love to sew little girls' sundresses, bonnets and matching bottoms. I was looking in my fabric stash and couldn't find anything that would suit my ideas. 
So I went over to my favourite shop online; Shabby Fabrics to see what I could find. Oh there was oodles and oodles of beautiful fabrics for me to choose from but my bank account was telling me "NO, NO, NO" So I had to descipline myself  and be very good. I very reluctantly left the site and went back to check out my stash again. It hadn't changed since I had looked at it the last time and I turned away with a feeling of regret.

A dear friend of mine had loaned me a movie the other night to watch "The Help". Oh what a fantastic movie. I love that time period and how people would dress their little girls. Again I was reminded of the "Need and the Want" of new fabrics to sew some little outfits with.

Now I believe that God knows our every need and desire. He knows what our prayers are before we even speak them. God knew that in the last couple of days I had been struggling with the thought of returning to full-time work. Whether to do that or to keep on doing what I am trying to do?

Remember the dear friend I mentioned earlier? This afternoon she came by to retrieve the movie she loaned me. As she pulled up into my driveway I opened my front door for her to come, in while I finished something else that I was doing. She calls "Hello" then she says " What are you doing with the boxes of fabric here in your driveway?" I responded to her " What are you talking about?" "Come on out" she says to me. So I went outside and there, just behind the vehicle parked in my driveway and the garage door are four boxes. They are Canon Paper Supply Boxes, so you know just how big these boxes are. My friend and I carried them inside the house and proceeded to open them up.
Inside each and everyone of these boxes were beautifully folded pieces of quilting cotton fabric. There are pieces from a yard to 3 and 4 yard lengths. There are pieces that are colour coordinated to at least two other pieces. There is Christmas, Harvest, Halloween and Easter fabrics in this stash. There are plaids for little boys. Beautiful florals for little girls. There is even some ladybugs, butterflies and bugs in general. Now I know that these boxes didn't fall out of the sky but I do know that God fulfilled my need and desire via
"An Anonymous Person"


So please be sure to check on both of my Etsy sites for some exciting new things that will be appearing soon. 

Until we Blog Again,
Roscoe and Linda

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  1. cool - looking forward to seeing what you create :)