Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Morning

This is what it looks like as I look out my windows this morning. It looks so dismal, dull and depressing but if I close my eyes and listen I can hear Robins, Chickadees, a Cardinal and the neighborhood doves all talking together. These are my gentle reminders that we have to go through the "yucky" stuff to get to the good stuff.


Then I look at this picture of the remnants of the bouquet of Tulips from my Tea Party and I know  Spring is not to far away.
I was outside in my gardens yesterday starting to do the Spring Cleaning that is necessary. During the process of doing this I came across a caterpillar. A beautiful Black and Brown one. That seems a little early but that is okay just another reminder of the beautiful seasons ahead. I also started taking some of my wicker chairs out to set on my back step. Oh I can hardly wait.
I was so daring that I even took my bowl of Cheerios outside this morning and ate my breakfast partially out there. Still just a little too cool to do that but I am so ready for it.
The changes in the season also gets me so inspired to get sewing as well.
Here are some pictures of some Easter Tea Towels that I am making for my Etsy Site.

This set is yellow and still needs to be decorated.

These are a set of two different green ones that I have added the eyes and tails to.

These are the two towels finished and the picture below is a close up of the Easter Eggs the Bunnies are hopping over. These Tea Towels are already sold but I have more on my Etsy Site.

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