Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Friday, Wahooooo

Oh it is Friday and it is so good to be Friday. It is the end of a very long week. For some it has been a GREAT Vacation Time, ( Students off for Spring Break) for others it has been a very long week of waiting for things to happen.
I am waiting for my Spring Gardens to start popping up all over the place. So I went out for a tour of our Gardens with my trusty companion, Roscoe and my camera. Here are some pictures of what is happening in our Gardens.

This is the first of my Crocus. They are so pretty and usually don't last very long.

Not too far from the Crocus' are these Primulas. They are just beginning to revive themselves so no flower buds yet.

Travelling down along that fence line are my Tiger Lilies. They are so anxious to "spring" through the left overs from last year. They provide such a bright colour in that corner of my yard.

Just to the right of the Tiger Lilies are some Wild Strawberries. Unfortunately, we don't get too many of the Strawberries because I believe we share that corner with a little wild Cottontail. We have seen him/her a couple of times last summer but not this year yet, only the lovely little "droppings" they leave behind as their "Calling Card". If you know what I mean.

In front of my Garden Shed just to the left of the door I have a Climbing Hydrangea growing. I have been trying to train it to climb the wall but plants are not like our dogs, that generally listen to "Sit, Stay, and Come" Plants have minds of their own and do as they please.

And to the right of the Garden Shed door I have a patch of Lavender/Pink Irises. I usually plant some Impatiens in front of them to fill in the little garden after the Irises are done.

On the back wall of our home I have a Creamy White/Yellow Honeysuckle growing up the wall. We may have to climb onto the roof and create some kind of anchor for it to climb. I noticed last summer it was starting to fall forward.
There are so many more things to come up so I will save them for another day.
I hope you are enjoying your Spring Garden as much as I am.

Until we Blog Again,
Linda and Roscoe.


  1. When we lived back east, I always planted crocus and tulips for the spring. They are so pretty! Thanks for sharing with us at the Etsy Garden Party.

  2. Spring, a time for renewal...
    Wishing you a very joyful spring time!

  3. It looks like spring is waking everything up! Love the crocus!

  4. Spring is just bloomin all over! Glad you came for the Cottage Garden Party!