Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday, Oh how some of us dread those Monday mornings. The first day of the week and back to work or school whichever the case may be. For some who are stay-at-home Moms or "Grandmas" we love Mondays. There are some of us who remember that Monday is usually wash day. I can remember, when I was much younger, my Mom having her own personal contest, as to which neighbour could get their laundry out on the line the earliest on Mondays. And it was usually quite a contest between the lady who lived the next street over and my Mom. But like I said earlier, this was my Mom's personal contest, you see the neighbors never knew about the "Contest".
Dad was always into the shop earlier on Mondays as well because he would have to plan out the week's work schedule. Trying to make sure that everything stayed in sequence as to reception of orders. My Mom would get my sister and I off to School and then she would take her desired position at the office desk of their business.

Mondays have become the new start of the week for me. This is the time that I usually decide that I am turning over a "New Leaf". Sort of like a New Year's Eve without the Party. I predetermine on the weekend that this next week I am going to get more accomplished then I did last week. This year I have been working on trying to be a little bit more organized. Cannot really tell you how that is going, as I am not sure yet.

And another thing that is great about Mondays is "Brag Mondays" that you can check out over at Graphics Fairy.
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  1. Lots of Monday morning memories lost and remembered, sis.

    So, cool.

    Linda, I love the graphic of those two little girls doing the laundry...

    I'd like to have a set of the plates on the right only blue...

    Love Bren