Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy Weather

Wow what a crazy winter we are having. On Friday just past we had, what I would consider blizzard like weather. We had white outs, high winds and accumulation of snow. It somewhat continued but not quite so bad on Saturday and then Sunshine to go with Sunday. So what happened to today. We are back to grey, yucky, rainy damp weather. So as far as I am concerned somebody had better knock on Ms. Mother Nature's Door and ask her "Hey What's Up?". In December some of my plants in my gardens were starting stick their little heads up out of the dirt. They thought it was Spring.

So bearing all of that in mind I have started to work on some sweet little items for Wee Beginnings and creating some fun things for Cranberry Cottage. For Wee Beginnings there will be some new bonnets, smocked as well as just some fun Sun Hats. There will be some that will co'ordinate with some of the little outfits that are coming along as well. So much to look forward to. And for Cranberry Cottage I am attempting some fun things like Tea Cosies, Scented Sachets and maybe even some Table Toppers. Stay tuned to see what I  come up with for that new little angel in your home or for that corner of your house that just needs a little something to spice it up.

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