Monday, January 9, 2012


Oh what a beautiful morning it is this morning. The sun is shining on a day that in years past it would have been snowing with a fury. The temperature is close to freezing but not cold enough to allow any snow, if it fell, to stay on the ground. What a gorgeous way to start the second week of a new year.
For those of you that follow Etsy Cottage Style you will know that today is Market Monday. Market Monday is the day that starts the week full of inspirational ideas from a group of handcrafters. You should also check out something new over there called "What's cooking in the Kitchen?" For those of us and seemly some of the younger generation this will definitely be a wonderful place to visit. You will find Vintage Recipes, Vintage Cookbooks and pictures of Kitchens from another time. What more could you ask for? So grab yourself a cup of java, cocoa or tea and take a gander at what awaits your visit


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