Saturday, July 21, 2012

After the Storm

During our travels throughout our lives we will weather many storms. Some we will come through unscathed and going forward with gusto. Other storms will leave us bewildered, confused and hurt. But after every storm there is always a rainbow. God positions the rainbows for us to see his Glory and Love for each and everyone of us. Sometimes, we just can't see the rainbows. There are times when we may have to strain our eyes to be able to see the rainbow and when we do, we generally stand in awe of its splendour. God's love is like that. It is always there for us to see, hold unto and lean on. But because of the storms we go through we often ask, where is He when I need Him the most. He is always as close as your heart, you just have to let go, Believe and Trust in Him.
God will never give you a Storm you can't handle and He will never forsake you, no matter how bad you may think it is. Life is about choosing the journey that God has planned for you and Trusting in Him and Him alone. We tend to mess things up because we think, we know better. I am forever trying to HELP HIM, by sticking my hand onto the stirring spoon in the pot. I have learned in the last two weeks that if I just sit back and leave it all in His encompassing hands, things will turn out just fine.
So when you think that you are unable to handle what is happening in your world, Stop, Listen and Look for the Rainbow. God is right there, ready to show you where your Rainbow is. All you have to do is Listen.

"Blessed are those that hear the word of God and obey it"
Luke 11:28

Until we post again,
Roscoe and I.

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