Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catch Up Time

I have been so busy in the outside world that I have been very delinquent in my blogging. But wow, what a lot there was to do and still to do outside.
First I want to bring you all up to date about my neighbors, The Robins. They flew in one day and decided that they liked me and were going to become my "neighbors". They didn't bother to "negotiate" the agreement with me, they just decided that they liked the "neighborhood." They stayed long enough to have "children" and to get them out of the "nest" and just as quickly they were gone. Please check out some of the "Proud Parents" Pictures and their lovely "home"
This is "Mrs. Robin aka Mama, I think" keeping her babies nice and warm.

This is the first time that I actually got to see one of the babies little heads. There were actually five babies in that little nest, hard to believe that many could fit in there. "Mama" is keeping a very close eye on them and me. There were times when I would be sitting on my Porch Swing minding my own business and I would here a cheep from her "Letting the little ones know that she was coming in with dinner but had to wait for me to move."

This is another picture of one of the little ones. You have heard the phrase "A face that only a mother could love" well that would definitely apply here. It is hard to believe that this little baby turns into one of our favorite beautiful birds in the spring.
As they begin to get older the changes in them are amazing. And these changes happen so fast.

 This is another one of the little crew in this nest.
Mama and Dad maintained quite a feeding line for this little group. At one time I seen both of them up on the nest feeding the babies.

These little tikes are getting braver everyday. They get up and stretch out their little wings while Mama and Dad perch out in the nearby tree branches encouraging them.

This little fellow has tried twice to get up on the edge of the nest. I am sure I will see him on the ground soon.

This was the last one to leave the nest. So we now have the "Empty Nest Syndrome"

I also want to take a moment here to remind everybody that this is the first Monday in June, which means it is the begining of a week long "Virtual Flea Market" over at Etsy Cottage Style. Be sure to take some time to go over and check out the shops over there.


  1. I had a Robin family return every year to a basket I would hang on the side of my barn, I changed the decor so no basket now, but sure did enjoy watching them, yours are very sweet, great story.

  2. how sweet Linda! I have not been too good at blogging either:( sending way too much time on facebook....

  3. You really took some great photos of tose darling birds! I sit on my back patio and watch the birds but never have my camera to catch those special shots. Thanks for sharing. Warm hugs, Esther

  4. So sweet. I absolutely love birds and have had our share of babies around here, even doves. It's amazing how fast they grow. Hugs...Lu

  5. How enchanting to see the birds and their nests!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  6. Just wanted to stop and take a moment to thank all of you wonderful people that have read my Blog. I love hearing from you all. I want to especially thank Cyndi from "By Light Of Moon" for the Clock Picture/Widget. I loved it and had to add it to my Blog Page. Thank you.

  7. You're so lucky to have been able to watch the whole process of Mrs Robin. So sweet

    1. Hi Deb,
      Yes it ws quite the experience. I have never had it happen before. The nest that they nested in was made last summer but the eggs last year didn't hatch unfortunately.
      Hope you are having a fantastic day and thank you for reading my Blog.